Sapphiros Acquires Flexotronix Limited

BOSTON — Sapphiros has today completed the acquisition of Flexotronix Limited. Flexotronix have developed a high speed printed electronics manufacturing line using in-house proprietary conductive inks and printed components, including batteries connectivity capability – and other diagnostic test control mechanisms. These technologies will be rapidly deployed across the Sapphiros portfolio of companies to dramatically lower consumable costs and ultimately fully automate diagnostic testing and data management for products such as the SatioDx blood draw patches and next generation Biocrucible molecular diagnostics rapid diagnostic test devices.

Flexotronix has designed and developed an Extreme Volume Manufacturing process to manufacture innovative and proprietary lateral flow formats. The manufacturing line is close to final validation and has a measured capacity of up to 5 billion tests per year. The process incorporates new reel to reel assembly methods, including the capability for rapid tool change over to rapidly and seamlessly provide changeover between different diagnostic test formats. It is anticipated that a broad range of infectious disease diagnostic tests will be validated using this novel manufacturing process. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded the establishment of the Extreme Volume Manufacturing process in accordance with its charitable mission, specifically to secure access of low-cost diagnostic device manufacturing capacity for global health priorities that disproportionately impact low- and middle-income countries.

Namal Nawana, Founder and Chairman of Sapphiros commented, “High speed printed electronics will be deployed on multiple technology platforms within Sapphiros including Satio and Biocrucible as well as to launch new digital lateral flow formats enabling new diagnostics products to reach consumers globally.”

“The combined resources of Flexotronix and Sapphiros will ensure we are at the forefront of developing low-cost, high-performance diagnostics globally as well as preparation to rapidly respond to future biosecurity threats. We are pleased to welcome the talented Flexotronix team to Sapphiros,” said Mark Gladwell, COO of Sapphiros.

“We are extremely excited to be part of Sapphiros and have an aligned vision to deliver transformative consumer diagnostics,” said Jeremy Burbidge, CEO of Flexotronix.

About Sapphiros

Sapphiros is a privately held Consumer Diagnostic portfolio company backed by global private equity firm KKR and Neoenta. We believe that “Knowing Now Moves Us™,” with solutions that provide real-time definitive results; at Sapphiros we work together to help global communities act on these important insights and move forward with confidence.

About Flexotronix

Flexotronix is a privately held Innovation and manufacturing company focused on developing high volume manufacturing technologies and flexoprinted electronics, founded by Jeremey Burbidge and Dr. Bob Stevens.

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